Microphone Tips

It’s a mistake many people make when public speaking.  You’re part of a program or a panel.  You get up to speak and you can’t be heard, you’re too loud, the microphone, or mic, is too high or too low.

To avoid being “caught by the mic,” arrive early and try to check microphone levels before the audience arrives.  Then, try out the mic.  Is the mic adjustable?  Can you change the height and angle?  If so, you’re in luck.  If not, don’t worry.  You will just have to compensate a bit.

  • If the mic doesn’t adjust and you’re too tall, don’t stoop down to it.  Try lowering you chin slightly as if speaking into the mic.
  • If you’re short and the mic is too high, ask for a small platform that you can stand on.  If one isn’t available, just stand as tall as you comfortably can, lift your chin, and speak up to the mic.
  • Try out words with letters that “pop,” such as p, t and d.  If the mic distorts, and sound levels can’t be adjusted, try standing slightly away from the mic.
  • If you can’t be heard well, concentrate on talking to the back of the room to help you project better.

Whether you’re short, tall, a loud or soft speaker, always pronounce your words clearly and support your voice.  Our “Techniques for Effective Public Speaking” teaches you how to project and support your voice so that you always sound your best.

Deadly Dull

I recently went to a memorial celebration for a friend who had died. There were about eight speakers, and of those, only two of them did a good job. The others were, well….deadly.

Why? For the most part, the others spoke in near monotones and with little or no energy. And, when the mike went out – which it did several times – it was impossible to hear them.

So, if you are called upon to present a testimonial or a tribute to someone, don’t get lulled into thinking that a microphone will do the job for you. You have to speak with energy, and be sure to use your breath.

That being said, the stage is set for our next post on the importance of breathing.

How many examples of dull speakers can you think of?