This section is a forum for those who have participated in my public speaking classes and coaching, and all others interested in good public speaking. Tell us about your achievements, public speaking and otherwise.

Cary Portway

Cary Portway

Cary Benjamin Portway is the director of an international film and television society that began as a humble local film club. As the group started growing, Cary went from addressing small groups of friends to larger groups of strangers.  Realising the need to improve his public speaking skills, he took Linda’s class and began incorporating her techniques into his regular presentations. The class — and ongoing practise — paid off when he was invited to present a film in a new venue, to a new audience, in London, England. The presentation went off without a hitch, further bolstering his confidence and ability to undertake larger-scale events.

Mr. Portway is currently waiting by his post box for his invitation to speak at a future Oscar ceremony. As you can tell, thinking big — and maintaining a healthy sense of humour — are now part of his personal philosophy!

George Matthews

George Matthews, a director at Eurohypo AG”s New York branch, was recently honored by  the Stuart C. Gruskin Family Foundation for his work helping to promote bike safety in New York City.  His involvement with the foundation goes back to its inception when his friend and colleague, Stuart Gruskin, was hit by a bicyclist  driving the wrong way, and subsequently died from his injuries.  George received his award at a gala cocktail event emceed by local New York CBS television reporter Tony Aiello.  According to George, everyone said his acceptance speech was great!

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