Photo: :Dayle Henschel

Public Speaking: A Crash Course

Our fall  “Public Speaking Crash Course”  at the 92nd Street Y begins October 19.  The fall course will be five weeks, which will afford more practice time, and will incorporate our body work/body language session for public speaking.

For more information and to register click here.

In the course,  you’ll:

  • Learn what makes a good speaker
  • Practice techniques to help manage nervousness
  • Explore ways to project and make your voice and presentation more interesting
  • Participate in extemporaneous exercises designed to get you thinking on your feet
  • Discover the art of crafting a good speech
  • Have the opportunity to deliver a short presentation


Can’t find a class?

We also offer private coaching and small-group Public Speaking sessions tailored just to you.  

For information on private classes and coaching sessions, email us at or phone 212-877-2798.

Homework for 92Y Class

Below you’ll find a homework schedule for the 92Y Public Speaking Crash Course.  Feel free to click on homework to download it, post comments or questions, or add an anecdote of your own.

92Y: Public Speaking: A Crash Course Homework

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