Five Ways to Punch up Your Presentation

Many of us are faced with the same situation.  You have to give a speech or presentation on a subject that is inherently dull.  How can you add interest and excitement?Pramit Marattha from Pixabay

Here are five ways to spruce up a dull presentation

  • Change the pitch and dynamics of your voice to add variety to your sound. Speak higher and lower, louder and softer.
  • Vary your rhythm.  Decide when to slow down or speed up.
  • Add emphasis and strategic pauses.  For suspense or questions, pauses work well.
  • Use anecdotes.  Explain your points with a personalized story.
  • Involve the audience.  Ask rhetorical questions.

And, if using Power Point, add some entertaining graphics.  These hints are sure to add variety and punch to your presentation.

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