The Importance of a Coach

I was inspired to write this post by a  tweet from a fellow public speaking trainer.  Speakers often forget how important it is to have a coach.  Even if you’re an experienced speaker, a fresh set of well-trained eyes and ears can often catch things you, a family member, or a colleague might overlook.  And for anyone trying to improve their skills, a coach can help lead the way.

Is your tone of voice right?  Are you speaking too fast?  Is the content right?  Can you add interest by changing a word here or there?  How is your posture?  Is the presentation too long?  A coach can help with these and many other aspects of presenting. 

Consider: Even the best athletes use coaches to perfect their skills.  Actors constantly hone their technique and review their parts with acting coachings, dancers are constantly in training, and even the best singers regularly visit vocal coaches. 

Today there are executive coaches and career coaches to help take your business to the next level; there are even life coaches for people looking to improve the quality of their life.   So, if you’re looking to improve your speaking and presentation skills–whether it’s a new business PowerPoint presentation, a speech at a large conference, a sales pitch to a small group of investors — consider the benefits of a good coach.

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