Hand gestures add meaning, but beware!

The Hand Thing
Hands pose a dilemma for many public speakers. What do you do with those hanging appendages? Flail them wildly, use grandiose gestures?
Well, save those grandiose gestures for an opera stage. Less is more when it comes to using hands for effective public speaking. In fact, too much use of hand gestures can create distraction for your audience.

Gestures that portray nervousness or insecurity:

Women –brushing hair out of their face
Men – hands in pockets

Common to both sexes:
• clasping hands in back of you
• Grasping or holding podium for dear life
• Rocking back and forth.

Gestures can add meaning and emphasis to a word or phrase. But, to be most effective, keep gestures simple, minimal, and meaningful.

Stay tuned for our posts and tweets on body parts and how they affect public speaking.
Up next: more on hair.

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